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Dr. Salah A. Rustum

Dr. Rustum, aka: “Rusty”, is the founder of CIE of Lebanon (CIEL). A very active member, on the “macro” level, in the IT industry in Lebanon. He is a member and founder of several Associations and held some high ranking positions in his career life. His aim is to introduce new technologies that would put Lebanon and the Region on International standards.

Based on his line of speciality an “engineer in aerodynamics & Aviation Safety”, it was his Mission to support safety issues on the Internet and was within his reach to introduce the Bar Coding and the Electronic Digital Signature in both Lebanon and the Region coupled with ICR – Intelligent Consumer Response – A new way of doing business. He also assisted in the Lebanese draft Law of the Electronic Digital Signature. He is a graduate of the United States of America where he obtained his Doctorate Degree.

Dr Rustum is a member of the European Union Commission on IT facilitation issues in Lebanon and was the first to publish a book on E-Banking in both languages English and Arabic, a book which was published by the Arab League and upon their specific request.

Dr Rustum is the visionary behind CIEL / GlobalSign alliance, he started with GlobalSign when they were still a small startup and stuck with them until they became a global Juggernaut, GlobalSign nowadays is one of the largest Certification Authority in the World and CIEL is the Exclusive Distributor in Lebanon and the MENA Region.

Dr. Rustum ultimate dream is to see all Lebanese entrepreneurs adopt online security as an issue that doesn’t need justification to safeguard their online presence from cyber crime. He wants to see Lebanon become the leader and the example in the Arab World for the adoption of cyber technology, like it once was.

His awareness campaign started in 1998 and his hard work is paying off, the message got through that if you do things online you need to be secure. Dr Rustum long list of expertise makes him an authority and a reference in the following subject areas: Electronic Communications, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Government, Internet Banking, Electronic Digital Signature & Digital Certification, PKI-Public Key Infrastructure Applications & Solutions, Internet & WAP Security, Data Protection, Y2k Issue, Privacy Acts, Digital & Cyber Crime Law.

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